The Evergood Story

A Family Tradition of Quality

The Evergood Story: The Miller Family takes personal pride in the standard of excellence that is the Evergood tradition.

The Original Evergood Store in San Francisco’s
Mission District

It all started with family – for more than 90 years, Evergood Fine Foods has been proudly family owned and operated.

In the early 1900s, Jacob Rauscher, a master sausage maker, moved his family to the United States from their home of Bavaria. In 1926, the Rauscher family opened the “Evergood Pork Store” – a traditional European delicatessen – in the Mission District of San Francisco. With only one smoke house, the Rauscher family manufactured a wide variety of old world German style sausages ranging from Knockwurst to Kielbasa, and more.

By the 1950s, the popularity of Evergood sausages had grown beyond their neighborhood. As demand for these tasty sausages increased, Jacob’s son, Walter, expanded the business by bringing in two more sausage makers, George Ehrlich and Harlan Miller. A few years later, Rauscher, Ehrlich, and Miller opened a manufacturing facility in the Bayview District of San Francisco, where they still operate to this day.

Today, Harlan Miller and his two sons proudly carry on the family tradition of the Evergood brand, making the finest sausages – from our family to yours.