Who Invented the Corn Dog?

Who Invented the Corn Dog?

Isolated corn dog on a stickWhen you think about corn dogs, chances are you might reminisce about happy summer days from your childhood. Eating corn dogs at a summer picnic, at an amusement park, at a tailgate party, or at a local fair is a memory many people have. You can still find fresh corn dogs at the right venues. While you’ve enjoyed crispy corn dogs for years, have you ever paused to consider where the corn dog came from and how it became so popular?

Corn Dog Beginnings

You may be surprised to learn that the corn dog has an unclear beginning. Many different people stake the claim of inventing the corn dog. The earliest claim is made by German immigrants living in Texas. According to the story, their German sausages weren’t well received in Texas, so they battered them in corn meal and fried them up. The sticks followed in later years. In 1927, there was a US patent filed for a “Combined Dipping, Cooking, and Article Holding Apparatus.”┬áIn other words, a stick. This patent described using a stick to skewer foods like hot dogs and coating them in batter followed by a dip in the deep fryer.

Other Claims

Perhaps the most regarded tale of corn dog origin is made by Neil Fletcher. He claims to have introduced and popularized his “corny dogs” at the Texas State Fair around 1940. However, the makers of the “pronto pup” claim to have done the same thing at the Minnesota State Fair in 1941.

The Cozy Dog Drive-in in Springfield, Illinois, claims to have been the first to put the corn dog on a stick in 1946. That same year, the first Hot Dog on a Stick opened in Santa Monica, California. With so many different claims, the world may never know who really invented the corn dog. Nonetheless, you can enjoy delicious Los Angeles corn dogs like our beef hot link variety and secretly thank whoever invented them.