Pineapple Sausage Topped Bloody Marys

Prep Time: 30 mins Cook Time: 10 mins


  1. Setup grill for 2 zone grilling and light. Allow about 15 minutes to preheat to about 400°F.

  2. While the grill is preheating, prepare your other toppings. Choose what you like. We went with sweet grape tomatoes, dill pickle wedges, and celery. Using long wooden skewers, skewer 5 grape tomatoes and one pickle wedge per drink. Using a vegetable peeler, peel the celery, leaving the fronds in place.

  3. Place the Old Bay seasoning in a shallow disk. Add water, ¼” deep in a second shallow dish. Dip the rim of each pint glass in the water and then into the seasoning to coat the rim. Set glasses aside so the seasoning can set.

  4. Place sausages on an indirect area of the grill. With the lid closed, allow the sausages to cook for about 4 minutes. Flip the sausages and cook for another 4 minutes.

  5. At this point, the sausages should be heated through to 160°F internally. Move sausages to a direct area of the grill. Moving and flipping the sausages often, grill them to your desired level of char or doneness. Remove the sausages from the grill.

  6. Skewer each sausage with a wooden skewer.

  7. Fill each glass with ice. Fill with your favorite Bloody Mary mix. Add a stalk of celery to each drink, along with a skewered Pineapple Sausage, pickle and tomatoes.

  8. Serve and enjoy.


  1. 1 package of Evergood Pineapple Sausages
  2. ½ gallon of your favorite Bloody Mary mix
  3. 20-30 Sweet Grape Tomatoes
  4. 4 Dill Pickle Spears
  5. 4 spears of Celery with fronds
  6. ¼ cup Old Bay seasoning (or similar)
  7. ½ cup water (more or less depending on the size of your dish for dipping)
  8. Ice Cubes to fill 4 Pint Glasses